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Who wouldn't want to save up to 30% on their monthly utility bill? You can, with temperature zoning!

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What are temperature control zoning systems?

Whole home zoning is a smart solution that helps solve too hot or too cold spaces. Your home is divided into "zones," each with a Programmable thermostat, so you have more granular control of the various individual rooms and spaces that make up your house. You don't have to heat up the whole house when you just need heating in one room. This improves comfort and increases energy efficiency. You wouldn't have an all-house light switch. Why heat or cool the whole building while spending much of your time in just one or two rooms?

Zone regulation with an independent Programmable thermostat system and airflow mechanisms, put you in complete control of your home's climate. It helps you to monitor which room/zone temperatures need heating and cooling.

How does it work?

Zoning is regulated by opening and closing motorized dampers based on temperature settings per region. Dampers are mounted into air ducts to regulate a room's air flow. Dampers are regulated by thermostats for each space or zone. A central control panel communicates with each and with your HVAC system to send heated or cooled air to the zone that needs it. Your Furnace and Air conditioner will work less, and be more efficient, with house temperature zoning.

Advantages of house temperature zoning

Some advantages are energy efficiency, convenience and comfort. 

Nearly every household will benefit from zone regulation as many homes have a space that is too hot or too cold, and family members have different preferences. Such a system doesn't cost extra money to manage, and will potentially help you save on energy bills. For homes with wide windows, or a second story hotter than the first floor, it can be a way to hold down the cost of cooling and heating.

Components of a smart house temperature zoning system

1. A Zone control panel. It is the central control that communicates between thermostats, dampers and your HVAC system. It is the brains of the entire process.
2. Thermostats: they read the air temperature in each room. If the space is too hot or cold, the they signal the control panel to either bring cool or hot air to that area.
3. Zone Dampers: Dampers go in your ducts to regulate airflow. The dampers are wired to a specific region on the control panel. Dampers automatically open and close as the thermostats signal.

Conclusion: call Tafoya Mechanical of Denver, Colorado!

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When combined with programmable thermostats, you can have a more secure indoor atmosphere with lower monthly energy bills when you utilize temperature zoning. Your system will have less wear and tear, since you won't have to tire the system by heating or cooling the whole building at once.

If you're in Denver, Colorado, and you're interested in house temperature zoning, call Tafoya Mechanical today! We can service and do repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement of the various components of your system!