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Little did they know when Spencer and Cindy Fry opened a business on their property in mid-2019 that they needed review and approval from the Park County government.

“We were not informed of any special usage permits,” Spencer Fry told the County Commissioners last month.

Park County’s Planning and Zoning Bureau charged an “investigation fee” of US $ 100 after employees learned that Fry Gravel & Excavation was operating without proper authorization. However, the district officials reimbursed the fee last month and found that the Frys, who campaigned for compliance after learning of the permit issue, had effectively come forward.

The planning office knew nothing of the operation until it was contacted by Spencer Fry in early 2020. Fry had asked what permits he would need when adding some shipping containers for a storage container location. It was only after these discussions that the county employees discovered that Fry Gravel & Excavation was already operating on the US Highway 14-A property.

The county issued an informal notice of violations in April, and the Frys made efforts to comply. This included applying for a special user permit for their company, which the district commissioners approved at a meeting on January 19.

The planners valued the $ 100 fee as the Frys’ “land development activity” took place before they were given a permit. Planner Kim Dillivan said, “We’re asking people to pay for this [fee] when we discover someone who is not compliant. “However, Commissioner Lloyd Thiel and other commissioners did not consider this necessary.

Cindy Fry said the couple were unaware of the requirement, quipping that we incriminated ourselves instead of being discovered by staff.

“We asked questions and then we found out that we were not compliant,” she said.

Thiel said it was logical that the Frys would assume they were good at starting their business, noting that the property had housed Hawley’s plumbing and heating systems for decades – long before the county had zoning regulations.

“If I were to buy Dick Jones Trucking,” Thiel said hypothetically, “I would assume that I could have a business there.”

The commissioners unanimously voted to give the Frys back the $ 100 to honor the couple.

Park County’s planning director Joy Hill, who failed to attend the January 19 hearing, told commissioners Tuesday that she disagreed with her decision. Hill said the office had put “a lot of work” into the matter and asked the commissioners to give them a call if they had any concerns in the future.

“This investigation fee should have stood,” she said. Hill said the planning bureau typically estimated the fee about half a dozen times a year.

“There are tons of them [violations] out there that we just don’t have time for, ”she added.

In the case of Fry Gravel & Excavation, “I think there were only problems on both sides,” Hill told the commissioners.

The Frys’ 3.33 acre property, located 1.6 km east of Ralston, houses both the couple’s home and business. One building houses an office and storage room, while another serves as a mechanic’s workshop. Skid steer loaders, mini excavators, graders, rollers, and semi-trailers are on the property.

In an email to the county engineer last year, Hill described Fry Gravel & Excavation as a residential business.

“Gravel storage / sale won’t [be] permitted under this use, “wrote Hill, adding,” We want to make sure the impact stays within these limits and no longer directs this to commercial use. “

The driveway will be relocated approximately 100 meters to the west to further remove business traffic from road 13.

The opening times are from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., but according to the planning documents, very few customers visit the property. Fry Gravel & Excavation generally works where it is needed – on roads, subdivisions, driveways, ponds, commercial and residential foundations and other projects in the area.

Given the number of people who have recently moved to the area, Spencer Fry said business was good.

“We were flooded,” he said in an interview.

In addition to the Frys, planning documents state that the company has four other employees: three full-time and one part-time.

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