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An infrared heater or heat lamp is a higher-temperature body that transfers energy to a lower-temperature body by electromagnetic radiation.

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Infrared radiation: the most natural heat

Infrared heaters emit infrared radiation and thus are very different from convection and forced air heating systems such as a natural gas Furnace.

Infrared is radiated heat: the sun's light on your face; the heat from a coal burner, or toaster. It's the same heat generated from your own body. It's mankind's most basic heating type. That's why infrared lamps feel so good on a cold day!

Used by cavemen to heat themselves by fires; by Romans in their hypocaust, by log burners and tile stoves, infrared heating has been preferred for centuries because like the heat of the sun in your surroundings – even in winter – infrared heats objects that then radiate back and keep a space warm. 

Infrared radiation passes through the air, and when it strikes a surface, energy is emitted regardless of the surrounding temperature. That energy excites the molecules in the object it encounters.

All objects (including people) absorb and emit infrared radiation, and whether to absorb or emit depends on the difference in temperature between objects in an environment. If objects in a space are colder than you are, you'll warm up. If you're warmer than objects in a space, you'll radiate and feel cold. (This is why police infrared cameras can see fugitives attempting to avoid detection). But it's also why we can still feel cold in spaces heated by central air furnaces, which just heat the air and not objects in a room.
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Differences from convection or central heating

The biggest difference from traditional heating systems is that an infrared heater heats the air from the bottom up. Convection heaters, in contrast, cause heat to rise to the ceiling and away from where we are. Consequently, we must reheat the air and absorb more energy.

Feeling warm is not about air temperature. It's all about absorbing infrared radiation from our surroundings (warming up) or preventing us losing radiation (cooling down) to a "colder" outside.

A forgotten comfort?

But in the last 60 years we've forgotten about radiant heating: not because it was replaced by better technology, but because fossil fuels powering central heating made it too cheap to just heat air.

Benefits of the Infrared heater

Infrared heaters have several benefits over other indoor heating systems.

Simple installation

You need only an electrical connection socket and to position the equipment. When using infrared panels, these are mounted on the walls or ceiling to serve as heat conductors.

Energy efficiency

Infrared heaters are energy-efficient and economical, especially for smaller spaces.

Therapeutic relief

Infrared heaters emit radiant heat waves similarly to the sun. Many find this highly therapeutic and some report experiencing relief from aches and pains.

Air quality

Unlike forced air heating systems such as furnaces, infrared heaters do not blow dust or allergens.

No emissions

Infrared heaters do not emit any particulates, carbons, offgassing, contaminants or pollutants.

Completely quiet

Electric infrared heaters use no mobile parts, such as fans or turbines. They are absolutely silent.

Infrared heaters are safer

Infrared heaters don't require a fuel source, so there are no explosion risks. Not using combustion produces no gas or smell.

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