Denver Boiler Repair And Maintenance Service

Is your boiler acting up? (100% of them will...eventually). Or do you need a new one installed? Get help from Tafoya Mechanical, one of the top Denver HVAC contractors. We will do everything in our power to fix it, but if it can't be fixed, we also do boiler replacement and boiler installation.

Boilers can be great, but they're more complicated than a natural gas furnace, so you need someone with specific expertise to serve your system. Tafoya Mechanical technicians are qualified to handle any boiler repair problem. Given that your boiler is probably the only heating source in your house, we will fix your system as quickly as possible so that your family won't go without comfort any longer than possible!

What a boiler is

Hot water home Heating systems are a specialty of ours. Typically referred to as "boilers," these types of systems are not the most common form of heating system in Denver homes, but plenty of water heating systems exist, particularly in older homes, and they sometimes need repair and maintenance!

These systems usually use either radiators or baseboard heaters to transfer heat from the heated water to the home. This specialty is often called "Hydronic" heating, and boiler sizing, distribution piping, used parts, amount of baseboard (fintube) required to properly distribute heat are all part of this equation for a hot water Heating system.

These types of systems are popular with some folks due to how quiet they are (when running properly); they also tend not to dry out the home air in the winter months. However, a heated water system does not not include a cooling or Air conditioning component, so in the hot summer months you will need a parallel cooling system.

Unlike a Furnace or Infrared heater, water heating systems are very effective at generating all the heated water you need for household usage. Water heated in this way tends to be more economical than any other means.

A Denver boiler servicing contractor

Tafoya Mechanical HVAC technicians are experts in renovating and restoring these older, less effective systems, updating them with new energy efficient, higher-performance hydronic piping practices to ensure the systems continue to function in a quiet, safe and efficient manner.

We can install prioritization measures to ensure that your heated water needs take precedence over all other heating, meaning that there are no problems producing hot water during the coldest days when your heating system works its hardest.

Boilers can power radiant heating systems

Some homes also have radiant heating that uses a heated water system that pipes the water through pipes mounted in the floor or under the floor to reduce the need for radiators and baseboard heaters. The same heated water system can power your potable hot water as well as your home heat via underfloor piping.

If you need a new system, we install newer, advanced boilers with higher efficiency than the old fire tube or steam boilers.

Tafoya Mechanical for all Denver Radiant heating needs

If you need Denver's best Radiant heating service, you need Tafoya Mechanical! We also service furnaces, Air conditioning systems, and commercial HVAC as well as industrial HVAC. If you have any questions or concerns about proper operation, service and maintenance or if you are starting to explore potential alternatives, we will  assist you in any way. Contact us today for Denver Boiler repair, Boiler replacement or boiler installation. We are available for emergencies 24/7/365 in the greater Denver, Colorado metro area.