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An evaporative cooler (also known as a swamp cooler) cools air via water evaporation. Evaporative cooling varies from traditional air conditioners that depend on refrigeration cycles. This type of cooling system uses water to absorb a large volume of heat to evaporate the water. Dry air temperature can be lowered dramatically by transitioning liquid water to water vapor (evaporation). This uses far less energy for an equivalent cooling effect than does refrigerant Air conditioning.

If you're looking for a way to cool things down, a swamp cooler may be a good option for you.
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In fairly dry regions such as Colorado, evaporative cooling has the additional advantage of humidifying the air inside a building for the added comfort of its occupants. In fact, evaporative coolers work best in environments where the humidity is below 15%. Once air humidity reaches 30% or more, a swamp cooler's ability to effect comfort drops off sharply, which means that air conditioners are the best option for more humid areas.
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Evaporative cooling in action

A ready example of natural evaporative cooling is the human body's production of sweat, which cools the skin as moisture evaporates from the surface. The amount of heat transfer depends on the rate of evaporation, but for each kilogram of water, 2.257 kJ of energy is transferred (about 890 BTU per pound of pure water at 95°F (35°C)). The rate of evaporation depends on air temperature and humidity, which is why sweat accumulates more on humid days as it doesn't evaporate quickly enough. (This is also why one feels less hot in dry climates of equivalent temperature.)

Swamp cooler performance details

Swamp coolers require regular maintenance to help them work at their best. This involves making sure they don't run out of water and changing the pad as appropriate. If the unit is located outside, it may be appropriate to cover it during colder temperature seasons.

Simple cooling systems

Swamp coolers have very few components: to cool your house, they use a fan, cooling media and H20. Using only natural evaporation, they can drop your interior air temperature by up to 25 degrees F. Here's the process by which work their climate magic:
• The evaporative cooling unit takes in warm or hot outdoor air.
• A pump drives water from the reservoir over the media.
• A fan pushes air through the soaked media.
• Cool refreshing air exits the unit into your house, lowering the temperature and raising the moisture levels. 

Though they do humidify the interior of your house, evaporative cooling isn't a misting fan. You won't feel damp from it. Since it doesn't spray mist, you don't need to worry about droplets coating you or your furniture.

Energy efficient performance

Evaporative cooling systems use less power and thus have lower operating costs since they don't have electricity-intensive compressors like Air conditioning units have. A swamp cooler uses 15% to 35% of the power that an Air conditioner does. This increased energy efficiency translates into real savings over the course of an entire season.

Air movers

Many heavy-duty, high-CFM evaporative coolers can be used without H20 on the "Fan-only" mode. This makes them high-velocity fans to pump air through large uncooled commercial spaces such as garages, warehouses, garden supply stores, and flea markets, to name a few. Most have oscillating louvers, allowing airflow to spread over a wider area, keeping employees and customers happy and helping to keep bugs at bay. Used this way, they function as Ventilation equipment as well as cooling systems.

Used indoors, outdoors or in covered outdoor areas, evaporative coolers will make your summer more enjoyable in several ways, besides helping you to overcome heat.

Evaporative cooler pros

• Cools the air in dry atmosphere
• Adds humidity to dry air
• Energy-efficient
• Environmentally friendly—less CO2 emissions
• Fast to mount a window or a direct air device
• Less expensive to manage and maintain
• Quiet
• No chemical products

Evaporative cooler cons

• Not as ideal for humid climates
• Since moisture is added to your air, indoor use requires a fresh air source (open window or cracked door).
• Doesn't lower the temperature as much as standard Air conditioning units do
• Needs a daily supply of water
• Needs regular, monthly and annual maintenance.

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