Ductless mini-split Air conditioning in Denver

A ductless Air conditioner presents an an energy-efficient alternative to Central heating and cooling systems. Mini-splits provide a scalable way to add heating or cooling to individual spaces within a home. They consist of one or more indoor units joined to an outdoor compressor. They are simpler to install than a ducted system and more energy-efficient than window AC units or central HVAC units. Throw in Programmable thermostat controls along with smart home integration and mini-split Air conditioning starts to sound pretty great! However, these systems are not inexpensive, with installation costs that can reach up to five figures. (Many local utilities providers provide rebates to compensate for some of that.)

The exact setup you need depends on your house's specific thermal requirements, and your installation provider choices are restricted to certified installers in your area.
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In the Denver metro, Tafoya Mechanical helps homeowners raise the comfort of their house's climate while saving money on their power bill with ductless mini-splits.

Ductless mini-split systems: what to know

If you want to cool or heat disparate spaces more efficiently and using less power, consider one of these. Central HVAC pushes air via ductwork through many rooms—or the whole home—heating or cooling rooms that are not used. You wouldn't turn on every faucet in the house to wash your hands, would you? No, and neither should you need to moderate the temperature in every room just so you can be comfortable where you are. Plus, the ductwork itself has low energy efficiency; it loses heating or cooling via the ductwork walls as the air passes through.

A good retrofit Air conditioning option

Mini-splits are common as a retrofit HVAC solution to existing construction because they do not require expensive ductwork. This means that they are much simpler to install than the conventional ducted HVAC system.

Extreme cooling customization

Another attractive feature of ductless mini-split is the considerable freedom to size the system to your home's unique specifications. The setup has two primary components: an outdoor condenser and one or more (usually several) indoor air-delivery units. A coolant line and a drain line connect the indoor units to the outdoor unit. Individually regulated indoor units vary in size, depending on the needs of the space.

At your air conditioning service

High-tech models can detect when someone is in the room and change the temperature accordingly, and then they can guide the air either away from you or towards you depending on your tastes. Most models include remote wireless and/or wall-mounted wireless controllers, and many can be controlled via smartphones or incorporated into voice-activated systems such as Alexa.

Is a mini-split AC system right for your home?

All of these advantages contribute to increased comfort, particularly when compared to more affordable single-room Air conditioning options: window air conditioners and portable ACs. For one thing, ductless mini-splits are much quieter. With the system divided between the indoor and outdoor components, the only noise in the space is the fan used to shift the air. There is none of the compressor noise so characteristic of a window unit. In addition, most high-quality mini-split systems use variable-speed motors in their compressors. Where an AC unit kicks on and off, on and off, a mini-split saves energy by running continously but dialing its speed up or down.

Which is more important: price or energy-efficiency?

Ductless split systems can be a terrific option for those for whom upfront installation price is not the primary concern. With greater efficiency than central air systems, they can be expected to pay back the added cost over time with power savings.

The unobtrusive AC

Last but not least, a mini-split system does not occupy the electrical outlet of a space or affect the operation of your windows (unlike a window air conditioner, which completely hogs the window).

Be sure to get a good HVAC installer (hint, hint)

Who you hire to install a mini-split device is as important and challenging a decision as the choice of the hardware itself. A good HVAC company will know what equipment to use and will have the necessary technical skills.

Tafoya Mechanical is available throughout the Denver metro

Tafoya Mechanical is a Denver heating and cooling contractor and can install all ductless mini-split Air conditioning systems. We can also repair and perform maintenance on ductless systems. If you are interested in learning more about ductless air conditioning, give us a call today!