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Urban Systems has presented a work plan to the Nakusp parish council that will help advance the village’s proposed biomass energy project.

The estimated budget for the project is $ 22,500.

When the project is approved, the team creates an energy demand model that takes into account existing and future buildings using the system.

Previously completed studies would be referenced and Urban Systems will develop energy profiles for the buildings to be included in the system, measuring the size and capacity required.

From there, a concept layout is created that illustrates the location of the system, key infrastructure such as the boiler system and distribution pipes, and other relevant infrastructures.

The third step is to create a financial model for the system that studies construction, maintenance, and fuel costs and estimates the expected revenue and / or cost savings.

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“It is important to note that the financial model is being set up to allow the village to change key financial parameters including, but not limited to: project costs, fuel costs, interest rates, grant funding and inflation,” the report said.

Before applying for grant funding and creating a funding strategy, expressions of support and interest are sought from local stakeholders such as key customers and companies that could provide biomass for incineration.

According to the report, Box Lake Lumber Products has already filed a letter with an initial commitment of fiber quantities and associated prices.

The letters will be a valuable part of the grant application, the report says.

Urban Systems will then complete grant applications for the project and prepare a project report for the council.

The village has been considering a wood waste heating system or a biomass energy project since 2014 when a local forest group signed an agreement with the village to develop a business plan for a remote biomass heating system.

Since then, several studies have been completed examining the feasibility of the idea.

At its January 25th meeting, the Village Council agreed to approve grant applications for the biomass project and committed to paying any cost overruns.

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