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A good Denver HVAC contractor can mean the difference between a proper installation of a Heating system and a poor one. Here at Tafoya Mechanical, we have seen our share of poorly-sized HP installations, where the unit was the wrong size or configuration for the property. This ends up being far from optimal, as energy-efficiency drops and power bills go up.

What's a commercial heat pump?

Commercial air source heat pumps (HPs) are a type of Central heating and cooling application that uses outside air as a heat source to cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter.

Harnessing refrigeration / Air conditioner technology

Heat pump technology is the same as refrigerator technology: they extract heat from the air and circulate it through your Denver business or facility. Because these units do not rely on a fuel source, they are highly energy efficient heating technology and typically are comparatively economical to run. However, they require electrical back-up heaters for the coldest Colorado winter days.

Though HP systems utilize the same technology as an Air conditioner, they operate in reverse. While the air conditioner removes heat from the inside and sends it into the outside environment, the HP condenser extracts heat from outdoors and drives it to the inside.

The importance of proper Heat pump sizing for a property

The scale of the facility you need to heat is a deciding factor. The larger the cubic footage, the larger the system capacity needs to be. Wide windows and doors, unusually high ceilings and recessed areas often increase the demands placed on a Heating system, and your commercial HVAC contractor needs to understand all of these issues and advise you on the best solution for your company.

Needs a backup (auxiliary) Heating system for the coldest Colorado winter days

HP technology has higher energy efficiency than electrical furnaces, but they have their limits. When the outside temperature drops to 35 degrees or cooler, it struggles keep up with demand. Colorado winters have quite a few days below this temperature, so if you're thinking about a commercial heat pump for your building, keep in mind that you'll need a backup Furnace to kick on and pick up the slack during those colder times.

Heat pump pros and cons

HP units have their pros and cons, so let's take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of this HVAC technology to see if it might be right for your company.

Commercial Heat pump pros

• One HP benefit is that it does not require fossil fuels and can thus be more environmentally friendly than other heating systems.
• HP units run 100% on electricity, so they have no risk of carbon monoxide leakage because there is no combustion.
• They occupy less space than furnaces or boilers, allowing them to fit into small spaces.
• They consist of only one piece of equipment. They're just an Air conditioner that has a reversing valve that allows them to run their refrigerant (like Freon or R-410a Puron) in the opposite direction and heat your building instead of cooling it!

Commercial Heat pump cons

• Heat pumps don't last as long as furnaces! Commercial furnaces last 20-30 years, while a heat pump's lifespan is more like that of an Air conditioner: 10-15 years on average.
• HP systems aren't the best solution during the coldest days when the outdoor ambient temperature falls below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Though very efficient at converting ambient air into heat, they still use a fair amount of electricity. Heating and cooling your facility with an HP is like running your AC all year!
• Because it typically functions as both heating and cooling system, you lose both heat and air conditioning if the HP unit goes out. On the coldest or hottest Colorado days, that could leave you in a bid. (Hint: if you ever face this undesirable situation, Tafoya Mechanical can help you through it!)
• With their condenser, compressor, refrigerant, coils, etc., heat pumps are more complex than a furnace. There are more things that can potentially go wrong, and they more maintenance than furnaces do.

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