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Is your facility freezing cold? Are your workers looking to move to another location to get warm? You need an expert Furnace service ASAP to get your building toasty! Proper temperature is important for a comfortable, healthy, and efficient working space.
At Tafoya Mechanical, we deliver premium furnace repair, service, maintenance, and installation to Denver metro area companies, facilities, and property managers. A broken furnace can be a major hindrance to your company, particularly during the cruel Denver winter. When something goes wrong with your facility's Heating system, you have a pretty serious problem on your hands. Whether you need full furnace installation or just some basic furnace repairs or other Heating system services, our qualified technicians will get the job done quickly and correctly. We have a reputation as one of the city's most reliable commercial heating contractors, so you're in good hands.
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Choosing the right Denver furnace service

You've invested a lot of time in your Denver business, so when you call a commercial HVAC contractor for furnace repair, it's important that you choose a company you can trust. As soon as you begin to sense that the furnace in your building might be malfunctioning, please contact Tafoya Mechanical immediately.

The last thing any Denver area business owner needs is a commercial heating company with no proven track record of performance. Your commercial Heating system is a major investment, so it should never be left to a novice. 

Our expert commercial HVAC crew will come to your facility and find the cause of your furnace issues. Whatever the problem, our professional technicians will resolve your Heating system issues as efficiently as possible. The Denver business community has been trusting us for more than four decades, and we look forward to working with you!

Commercial Furnace repair

Tafoya Mechanical can address all common furnace issues (and many not-so-common ones as well), including:

• No power – Tripped breakers, loose wiring, or even a simple switch may trigger power problems. Then you have your complicated, difficult-to-recognize issues such as transformer, thermostat, control board, capacitor, and blower engine. 
• Ailing motor – A noisy motor is never a positive sign and may suggest a potential failure. 
• Failure to ignite – Clicking from a furnace that fails to ignite can occur from a blocked flue, a defective control panel, or an wrong limit control. 
• Burner will not stay lit – our commercial heating technicians will decide if a dirty flame sensor, clogged condensate drain, or gas supply issue contributes to this problem by cleaning key components and testing adjustments. 
• Blower conked out – Your furnace could have a run-capacity or motor problem that keeps the blower from turning on after the burners are lit. 
• Blower won't stop – If your Thermostat isn't on, your continuously running blower engine may be the product of a dirty air filter that limits the flow of air and destroys the limit switch. Our commercial HVAC technicians will diagnose the problem, replace the switch, and inform you about a proper air filter change schedule.

Commercial Furnace Maintenance

With the aid of our Commercial heating system experts, you can preserve the health of your furnace simply by keeping it well maintained. Professional maintenance visits should be scheduled regularly. Not only does this prolong the life of your furnace by keeping it working smoothly, but it also saves your company money by having a more energy-efficient unit.

In addition, scheduled preventive maintenance catches 98%-90% of common furnace safety problems, including: 

• Low oxygen levels in furnaces that are not receiving enough fresh air 
• Accumulation of carbon monoxide from clogged or unsuitable ductwork 
• Holes in the heat exchanger or combustion chamber that may be invisible to the naked eye that can leak carbon monoxide into your interior environment. 
• Soot buildup that can set catch fire 
• Accumulation of carbon monoxide from a filthy furnace 

Commercial Furnace installation

Are you looking to upgrade your building's HVAC equipment? Is your company moving to a new location or undergoing a remodeling? Whatever your commercial HVAC installation needs, you're covered by Tafoya Mechanical.

Conclusion: call Tafoya Mechanical!

Having a properly operating furnace is particularly important in a business facility where the comfort of your employees and customers is in your possession. Ensuring that your device is energy efficient and properly installed is also key to keeping your energy costs down and can help you get more life out of your mechanical systems. That's why it's so important to choose an experienced HVAC contractor that you can trust.

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