Denver commercial ductless mini split Air conditioning

A brand-new, high-efficiency ductless (or "split") HVAC unit offers comfort, convenience, energy savings and more—without having to spend a penny on new ductwork or ductwork adjustments. Mini split systems provide benefit in the summer and wintertime alike. Call the Tafoya Mechanical team for the best commercial split AC installation in Denver.
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An alternative to commercial central Air conditioners

Ductless HVAC is an alternative air conditioning solution to the common "package Air conditioner" rooftop unit. The most popular commercial HVAC system is that of a packaged unit that includes the evaporator, condenser and compressor in a single box or cabinet that is usually located on the roof of the facility. Packaged units are excellent for many facilities, but they are not the only choice. Many businesses, particularly restaurants and bars, use ductless multi split heat pumps.

If you need to replace your commercial air conditioner in Denver, Colorado, or if you are planning a new construction or moving to a new building, put ductless mini-split air conditioning on your list of choices. To learn if going ductless is right for you, contact Tafoya Mechanical's commercial HVAC specialists.

A versatile commercial HVAC unit

Ductless multi-or-mini split HVAC systems are versatile, easily mounted, and offer cooling and heating for a range of commercial applications in which new ductwork is not convenient or even practical. Energy efficient operation and a large product portfolio make ductless Air conditioning systems the ideal match for any interior space.

From hotels to schools to Retail to office buildings, ductless heating and cooling systems deliver comfort wherever it is needed.They also allow a much higher degree of control for temperature zoning. Hot or cold spots? Multiple spaces with different temperature needs? No ductwork? If any of these scenarios apply to your building, this HVAC system might be a great fit.

Many sizes and configurations of mini-split AC

HVAC split systems come in all shapes and sizes. With nearly infinite configuration choices, they offer flexibility to operate where conventional HVAC cannot. You can mount indoor units on the ceiling, have them wall-mounted, or have them floor-mounted. Long line lengths between outdoor and indoor components allow for a large number of positioning options. You can strategically place each unit for enhanced comfort and for the best aesthetic effects. For example, you could mix and match interior ceiling cassette units, floor-mounted units, or high wall units with ducted or console units, with one rooftop or outdoor unit for multi-zone systems.

Ductless mini-split HVAC benefits

So what are some advantages of this particular commercial Air conditioning type?

Heating and cooling both

All ductless mini splits are heat pumps, so your commercial building will not only have quality cooling for the hot season; it will have heat for the winter as well. Note that you'll need a backup Furnace or other Heating system for the coldest Colorado winter days, as a Heat pump is effective only in temperatures above 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Better control over cooling with temperature zoning

You can stop cooling rooms or spaces that don't need it, saving money that a central Air conditioner would otherwise waste. With mini split Air conditioning, people can dial the thermostat up or down for their specific room to suit their comfort without affecting the rest of the commercial building.

Less energy loss with Ductless mini split AC

Air sent along the ducts loses heat to cooler air outside the ductwork (in the case of heating), or gains heat from warmer air outside the ductwork (in the case of Air conditioning). In other words, the ambient temperature in the indoor environment works to neutralize the heating or cooling abilities of the pump since the forced air has such a long way to travel from the blower to the vent and into the room or space.

Ductless mini-split commercial HVAC systems don't have ductwork, so the problem of temperature neutralization is avoided. This higher efficiency translates into less energy usage and a lower power bill.

Improved indoor air quality

Ducts accumulate debris, dust, and other pollutants. These eventually get blown into the interior environment for employees and customers to breathe. Eliminating ducts means eliminating these threats to the indoor air quality of your business or facility.

More freedom of design

You don't have to plan for vast network of ducts taking up room in your facility, so you'll have a lot more freedom with all of that additional space. When designing a new commercial property, the lack of ducts ensures that you will have more flexibility to create exactly the sort of spatial configuration you want.

Consult Tafoya Mechanical on Denver commercial HVAC

Ductless is not the best option for all buildings, however. Make sure you consult experts before making a final choice the type of commercial HVAC system. Call Tafoya Mechanical to discuss options for commercial air conditioning in or around the Denver metro area. We are extremely knowledgeable in all commercial HVAC systems, so we will be able to provide the best possible comfort solutions for your Denver company. We also provide maintenance, repair, and other service for commercial ductless AC systems as well as conventional Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning commercial systems.