Denver building automation systems contractor

Your business relies on building automation to increase comfort in its indoor environment and save energy bills.

Automated HVAC control systems coordinate energy usage and other functions for a facility's HVAC equipment and more. They allow a facility to store electricity, monitor equipment efficiency, and schedule operating hours for each unit.

Tafoya Mechanical is a leading Denver commercial HVAC contractor for HVAC control systems

Tafoya Mechanical is a commercial HVAC company that provides efficient heating and cooling control systems installation, maintenance, and repair services for any commercial or industrial facility throughout the Denver metro area. We also provide 24-hour emergency repair services on HVAC control systems and building automation equipment. Our professional technicians have the requisite knowledge of mechanics, electronics and computers to make your automation device function like new in no time. Call Tafoya Mechanical today to schedule an inspection and inquire for our other services.

Whatever your commercial HVAC project, Tafoya Mechanical can help get your property functioning at maximum efficiency with digital controls for energy efficiency, lighting control, constant comfortable temperature, appropriate humidity levels, and other systems solutions. Whether your business is in a large office building, a business park, an industrial facility, or small commercial building, our facility management solutions will translate into real savings and increased comfort, 100% of the time!
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Denver HVAC control system and building automation installation

A building automation system (BAS) provides you with centralized control of your business's HVAC. It also saves you money on heating and cooling, alerts you to any HVAC malfunctions, and increases comfort and air quality. Tafoya Mechanical will install automated energy management solutions at an affordable price.We will set up every part of your automation system, including security, HVAC equipment, lighting, fire alarms, power monitoring, and other automation infrastructure. 

The advantages of HVAC control systems are apparent from a performance point of view. A lot of the waste that happens in HVAC occurs while the machine is working hard to heat or cool an empty room or space. And for large facilities with complicated airflow systems, manually adjusting the required array of valves, dampers and other devices could quickly become a full-time task. A BAS installation from Tafoya Mechanical solves these issues.

Denver building automation repair and maintenance

Building automation systems need tuneups and maintenance to keep them functioning at maximum efficiency. And, occasionally, your business's controls need diagnosis and repair. Because BAS are essential to maintaining a comfortable working atmosphere in Denver's extreme climate, Tafoya Mechanical delivers automation repair and maintenance services. We even provide 24 hour emergency service! Call us at any time to arrange an inspection or repair of your building's equipment.

Denver BAS retrofit and replacement

Building automation systems can make it easier than ever to control the energy usage of your building and track the malfunctioning equipment. Tafoya Mechanical provides construction automation retrofitting in Denver to help you boost your building's energy efficiency or reduce energy demand. Retrofitting to apply to your building automation system and keep it going for years to come. Our technicians will seamlessly replace or retrofit your automation system without affecting the day-to-day operations of your employees. At Tafoya Mechanical, we take the time to get to know your particular facility and listen to the needs of your staff. If you're interested in a retrofit or replacemet, let's talk about your construction project or retrofit!

At Tafoya Mechanical, we replace, restore and manage building automation systems for businesses and organizations of all types throughout the Denver metro.

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Our experience has given us a detailed understanding of the different styles of buildings in Denver and their Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning networks. Tafoya Mechanical provides support and maintenance for all major brands and types of automatic control systems. We can recognize, evaluate and study your unique problems and design specifications, enabling us to suggest the most suitable and cost-effective solutions.