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Air conditioners are present in most business and industrial premises, from small shops and cafes to large office buildings, shopping malls, and factories. Commercial HVAC units need specialized expertise with regard to installation, AC repair and maintenance because they vary greatly from residential units.

The main difference between chilling an industrial or retail property and a home is the amount of electricity consumed to maintain comfort and indoor air quality in the respective indoor environment. Businesses not only take up more space than houses, but they must provide more people with comfort. Since the human body gives off heat, industrial HVAC equipment must be sized to counteract peoples' extra heat in a facility, both business personnel and customers. Sizing an air conditioner for a business property requires a specific degree of technological ability to provide the right level of BTUs without draining power or short-cycling. A larger facility may need several air conditioners to manage the load.
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Tafoya Mechanical is a leading Denver commercial AC contractor. We handle all types of large Air conditioner systems, including installation, tuneup, and preventive maintenance. (We also do heating such as Furnaces, Boilers, and Heat pumps.) Call for the best commercial Air conditioning service in the Denver metro area. We can help you find the most cost effective and energy efficient HVAC solution for your facility.

For businesses and industrial facilities, 3 AC categories

To accommodate the varied business and industrial interior environments, AC systems come with various equipment configurations.

There are almost infinite setups under each category, but the main types are:

· Single split
· Multi split 

Each of these AC configurations have very different performance metrics, so figuring out which is best for you is crucial.

Single and multi-split constant air-volume (CAV) systems are some of the most common forms of large AC units. They feature an outdoor compressor and indoor blower, and are most useful in smaller businesses with relatively few rooms. 

Variable air volume (VAV) systems adjust the quantity of air they pass depending on current temperature, making them more effective than CAV systems. 

Variable coolant volume (VRV) systems have a coolant in their blowers which allow individual rooms to heat and cool when needed.

Single split AC

Single splits are the most economical type of AC system and ideal for use in small buildings. They heat or cool a compact space well, making them perfect solutions for small offices, restaurants, cafes and server rooms. They can also be combined to accommodate larger spaces and multiple rooms. Stacking individual splits together is cheaper than installing a central system, and because each AC unit is autonomous, if one breaks down, the others remain fully functional.

Multi split AC

Multi-splits operate exactly the same way as single splits except you can attach up to nine indoor units to one outdoor unit depending on the model. They are most commonly used in places like restaurants, retail locations, and offices. Because you need only one outdoor unit for several indoor ones, multi-splits offer a distinct exterior aesthetic advantage over multiple single splits.

Additionally, you are not limited to using only one style indoor unit. If you chose, you could have any mix of wall- and ceiling-mounted indoor air conditioners, along with an air curtain over the door. But, multi-split systems are somewhat more complicated and need more pipework than several single splits. This can make the installation more costly and take longer, particularly if you only want to install a few indoor systems.

VRF or VRV commercial AC

VRF stands for variable coolant flow, while VRV stands for variable coolant volume. It might sound confusing but they mean exactly the same thing. VRF/VRV air conditioning is good for a medium to large facility such as a hotel, retail property, large office building, and mixed-use facility. These systems are extremely powerful, reliable and simple to manage, able to meet the maximum heating and cooling requirements of larger buildings. They often come with shortened installation times, reducing disruption.

There are two VRF/VRV system types: heat pump and heat recovery.

VRF/VRV Heat pump systems can provide a building with heating or cooling at any time, making it suitable for open-plan areas.

VRF/VRV heat recovery systems are capable of simultaneously supplying hot and cold air to separate areas, making them suitable for buildings with lots of individual spaces. The most effective HVAC systems recover waste heat from the interior environment and using it to heat other rooms and also create hot water.

The importance of correct HVAC sizing

The building size is one of the most important considerations to consider when sizing AC units. If your AC is over or underpowered, maintaining a steady temperature in your building can be difficult. Even worse, the system can often start and stop more than it should, which can wear out its mechanical parts much faster.

If all of this sounds confusing, Tafoya Mechanical is here to help. Our commercial Air conditioning services include sizing, installing, servicing, maintaining, and fixing large AC and HVAC.

Tafoya Mechanical strives to be the only commercial HVAC company to call in Denver. Our Denver-based AC installation, repair, and maintenance services include testing and fixing air filters, rooftop units, ongoing maintenance arrangements, inspecting and cleaning ductwork, and more. If your Denver business or facility needs HVAC service of any kind, including heating and cooling, Refrigeration, Building automation, Air handlers, Boiler, Furnace, Ventilation, or thermostat or HVAC control systems, call Tafoya Mechanical today! There's a reason we're considered the #1 Denver commercial AC service! We also offer 24 hour Emergency service!