If you need a good Denver Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company, you need Tafoya Mechanical! We are the top Denver HVAC company for a reason: punctuality, quality, and customer service!
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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in Denver

Tafoya Mechanical is a full-service Denver Heating, ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC) company that has built a reputation for providing quality Air conditioning, HVAC maintenance, and Heating system services. We serve the entire Denver metro area for commercial HVAC services as well as residential.
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Tafoya Mechanical HVAC services

We do commercial HVAC as well as residential, heating as well as cooling. In fact, we cover pretty much every heating system and air conditioning system there is. If you need any sort of Denver Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service, you need Tafoya Mechanical!

Denver emergency HVAC services

A broken AC unit or a Furnace that stops working: these can cause a lot of stress. Especially in Denver, a land of extremes in both heat and cold. For example, on a hot day, temperatures sometimes rise over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that non-functional Air conditioning will have you miserable in a hurry. Conversely, Denver winters can be brutal, meaning if your Furnace or Boiler goes out, you could freeze to death if you don't get fast emergency heating system repair.

Fortunately, Tafoya Mechanical can come to your rescue with every type of emergency HVAC repair. Whether it's your Heating system, your central air, or a Radiant heating and cooling system, we can fix them all for you. Our emergency HVAC services cover the entire Denver metro, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Denver emergency Air conditioning repair

Whatever form of Air conditioning you have, you rely on it to maintain comfort in your Denver household, business, commercial facility, retail location, or other building. If you have an emergency air conditioner situation, you need air conditioner repair immediately. Tafoya Mechanical can come to your rescue. We offer 24 hour AC repair for the following emergency air conditioning services:

• Air conditioner repair
• Condenser coils issues
• Heat exchanger issues
• Commercial AC service
• Refrigerant leak
• AC motor issues
• Diagnosing unusual noises from your AC unit
• Air flow issues
• Central air conditioning issues
Evaporative cooler issues
• Radiant heating and radiant cooling issues
• Other common air conditioner problems
• and much more!

We service all major brands, and all types of AC equipment and cooling systems, so you're in good hands with Tafoya Mechanical when it comes to residential and commercial emergency AC repair! Our Air conditioning technicians are standing by for emergency AC repair anywhere in the Denver metropolitan area!

Denver emergency Heating system repair

You rely on your Heating system in your Denver household or company to maintain comfort in the winter. Should your Furnace, Boiler, or other heat source have issues, you need fast emergency heating repair. We address the following emergency heating scenarios and more:
• Broken Furnace
• Blower motor not working
• Air filter needs changed
• Pilot light not lighting
• Air handler issues
• Electrical panel issues
• Warm air from vents (not as hot as it should be)
• Odd smell from heating system
• Energy costs far higher than they should be (not energy efficient)
• Mold growth in heating system
• Heat pump issues
• Boiler issues
• Radiant heating / underfloor heating systems issues
• Infrared heater problems
• Strange noises from heating system
• other common heating problems

Emergency residential HVAC

• Emergency AC repair
• Emergency furnace repair
• Emergency boiler repair
• Emergency mini-split repair
• Emergency heat pump repair
• Emergency HVAC control system services
• Emergency thermostat diagnosis, repair
• Emergency HVAC troubleshooting
• Emergency Pilot light issues
• Emergency Compressor repair
• Emergency Radiant heating and cooling repair
• Emergency Evaporative cooler repair (swamp cooler repair)

Emergency commercial HVAC

• Emergency commercial refrigeration repair
• Emergency commercial boiler repair
• Emergency rooftop systems repair
• Emergency chiller repair
• Emergency cooling tower servicing
• Emergency boiler repair
• Emergency Air conditioning repair
• Emergency building controls troubleshooting, diagnosis, repair
• Emergency Compressor repair
• Emergency air filtration repair
• Emergency condenser repair
• Emergency Air handler repair
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Residential HVAC services

Tafoya Mechanical is on call for all your home's Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs, anywhere in the greater Denver area.

Denver Heating System Repair, Maintenance, And Replacement

In the Denver cold of winter, nobody wants to be without a working heater. Tafoya Mechanical services all types of heating systems. Whether your Boiler needs routine maintenance, your forced air furnace needs to be hauled out and a new furnace installed, your heat pump is acting up, or any other heating issue, call us for help. We offer the following heating services throughout Denver.
• Furnace repair
• Furnace replacement
• Furnace maintenance
• Heat pump repair
• Heat pump maintenance
• Heat pump replacement
• Heat pump installation
• Boiler repair
• Boiler maintenance
• Boiler replacement
• Heater controlling systems services
• Programmable thermostat services
• Natural gas furnace repair
• Air source heat pumps
• Propane heat
• Infrared heater
• other heating systems service

Energy efficient furnaces and heating systems

Did you know that your heating system is probably using more energy than anything else in your home during the Denver winter? Estimates range from 40% to 50% of your total utility bill going to heat your house. If you like the idea of energy efficiency and saving money, get a quote from Tafoya Mechanical for us to install an energy efficient furnace, boiler, or other heating system. Your house will be a pleasant temperature, and you won't be paying a fortune for it!

Denver cooling system experts

Air conditioning is more complex and difficult than heating. The latter simply harnesses energy to produce heat, whereas an Air conditioner uses energy to extract heat from the climate.

Tafoya Mechanical is a top Denver air conditioning company. We are familiar with all cooling systems and can service, repair, or install them anywhere in the greater Denver metro. Call for a free quote today!

How air conditioning works

The most popular air conditioning type uses a compressor cycle (similar to your refrigerator) to extract heat from your home and move it to the outdoors. Imagine your house as a fridge. There's a compressor filled with a special fluid called a refrigerant. This fluid will move between liquid and gas. As it changes, it absorbs or releases heat, so it is used to "carry" heat from one location to another.

An air conditioning system becomes more complicated with all the controls and valves involved, but, amazingly, it works! Air conditioning seems to defy the laws of thermodynamics, taking heat from a less-warm spot and moving it to a warmer spot! Of course, what drives the process is electricity—a lot of it. Some AC types are more energy efficient than others, of course: see the section below about Energy Star ratings and SEER rating.

Air conditioner

Tafoya Mechanical repairs, installs, and services all major AC brands, including Carrier, Trane, Lennox, York, Goodman, Rheem, Maytag, Westinghouse, and many more!

Natural gas Furnace

Tafoya Mechanical does all types of Furnace repair in addition to Furnace installation, Furnace replacement, and Furnace maintenance. We service all major brands of furnace.

Heat pump

We provide Heat pump systems installation, maintenance, and repair. Whether you have an Air source heat pump, geothermal (ground source), or water source, we can help.

Ductless mini-split

Tafoya Mechanical can install your new ductless mini-split heating or cooling (or heating and cooling) system, and can also repair and service it for you.

Programmable thermostat

We can help you with smart home technologies such as Smart thermostat / Programmable thermostat.

Temperature zoning

Temperature zoning is a wonderful thing that can save loads on your utility bills. Talk to Tafoya Mechanical to see if it's right for your home.


If you have a Boiler in your home, whether as part of a Radiant heating / underfloor system, or for hot water, we can help with all Boiler repairs and can also do regular maintenance.

Radiant heating and cooling

Tafoya Mechanical will help you with installation, repair, and maintenance of your Radiant heating and cooling system!

Infrared heater

If you need help with installing an Infrared heater anywhere in Denver, we can help. We can also help with Infrared heater sizing, repair, and maintenance.
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Commercial HVAC / Industrial HVAC services

Let Tafoya Mechanical be your commercial HVAC partner to keep the Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems functioning well in your Commercial building, Retail location, Industrial facility, Shopping mall, Factory, Apartment complex, or any other type of building or facility you may have.

Commercial Refrigeration

Our services can help you reduce energy consumption and extend the functional lifespan of your Refrigeration equipment. With the excellent diagnostic capabilities of our technicians, we can troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair your commercial refrigeration system!

Commercial Air conditioning

We offer commercial Air conditioning repair, AC system seasonal maintenance, preventative maintenance on commercial Air conditioner systems, and every other service related to commercial AC. We can diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair all commercial AC systems.

Commercial Heating system

Whether your facility has a Central air Furnace, a Boiler, Air source heat pump, ground source Heat pump, Radiant heating system, or any other type of commercial Heating system, Tafoya Mechanical can help you maintain and repair it. 

HVACR preventive maintenance

Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning plus Refrigeration (HVACR) systems need regular maintenance. Don't just fix them when they're broken: have Tafoya Mechanical keep your commercial Refrigeration equipment functioning at peak efficiency!

Building controls and building automation

Tafoya Mechanical is a leading Denver building automation and HVAC control system company. The benefits of building automation include maintaining an indoor environment within a specific range, providing time-based lighting to rooms, and tracking device failures in all systems.

Commercial Ventilation systems

It's obvious when there's an issue with the 'H' (Heating system) and the 'AC' (Air conditioning) in a Commercial building. But what about the 'V' in commercial HVAC: Ventilation? Commercial ventilation is equality important: it affects the Air quality index and comfort of your facility.
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Tafoya Mechanical - Denver Air conditioning repairr

HVAC for the entire Denver metro

Tafoya Mechanical provides quality heating cooling and air conditioning services throughout Denver, including the following communities:
• Arvada
• Aurora
• Broomfield
• Boulder
• Centennial
• Columbine
• Commerce City
• Edgewater
• Englewood
• Glendale
• Golden
• Greenwood Village
• Henderson
• Lakewood
• Littleton
• Sheridan
• Thornton
• Westminster
• Wheat Ridge

How can Tafoya Mechanical help you?

If you have any questions related to Air conditioning repair, Air conditioning installation, water heater issues, energy efficient furnace, indoor air quality, 24 hour emergency service, or other HVAC services in Denver, don't hesitate to call! We'll do our best to answer your questions, and, if you like, we can provide a free quote or estimate. We look forward to servicing your family home, company, or facility!
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About Tafoya Mechanical

Tafoya Mechanical is a Denver HVAC contractor with a reputation for quality Air conditioning, HVAC maintenance, and Heating system services. We serve the Denver metro for residential & commercial HVAC. Whether you need a commercial Air conditioner, an Evaporative cooler, a Furnace, a heat pump, Radiant heating, or a new Boiler, Tafoya Mechanical can fill your heating and cooling needs! We provide 24 hour emergency service on Heating systems, Air conditioning systems, and other HVAC equipment. For emergency furnace repair or emergency AC repair call the top Denver Metro HVAC company: Tafoya Mechanical. We are Denver's experts on Central heating, Ventilation, commercial refrigeration, Radiant heating and cooling, and Programmable thermostat.